Teaching Jobs In Tower Hamlets

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Red Box can provide a number of different teaching placements in Tower Hamlets to suit a wide range of different teaching roles including Key Stage 1 & 2, primary, nursery and special educational needs. We are always looking to find ideal opportunities for talented teachers, teaching assistants and nursery nurses. We are especially keen to hear from teachers that have a passion for working with children and thrive in a vibrant, ever-changing environment. We still provide placements in the primary sector as well so you are even more likely to find the perfect placement with us.

We welcome applications for a wide range of teaching roles as we have a consistently extensive amount of placements available all over London, including Tower Hamlets. We would especially like to hear from you if you have acquired qualified teacher status (QTS) in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA. We also encourage you to get in touch if you have qualified elsewhere as our main focus is to unearth the most passionate, talented and devoted of individuals.

We can offer you the placement that meets all your requirements as we have provided for a variety of different teaching roles in the past. Whether you’re particularly interested in teaching at Key Stage 1 level or if you are a highly skilled nursery nurse, we will have the placement that works for both you and the school. We are extremely keen to ensure that you enjoy your time at your placement which is why we offer a constant support and information service should you ever have any questions.

We are only a phone call away here at Red Box should you have any queries surrounding your placement. We understand that the process of joining a new school can be daunting so we are always on hand to provide support and encouragement when you need it most. We are also available during and after your placement so you can always get in touch if you’re in need of professional, expert advice.

We regularly see placements becoming available in Tower Hamlets and throughout London so you are certain to find the ideal position that suits your preferred teaching role. We offer competitive rates and a range of different opportunities so you won’t be disappointed with our high level of service. Contact us today to learn more about the placements available in Tower Hamlets and how we can help find your dream teaching opportunity.