Focus on Ocean Literacy in Coastal Schools

It is a well-known fact that you should use the resources given to you. As such, teachers and teaching assistants in history-rich locations (London, Dover etc) will often use the history of their town or city to back up or reinforce relevant lessons. This is something that needs to be better utilised when looking at the marine environment and in coastal schools such as in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Where education and preservation are concerned, it is important for coastal schools to place a greater importance on ocean literacy. The rich ocean environment has often resulted in an increase in tourism over the years, as well as getting more young people engaged in sports such as diving, kayaking, surfing and angling.

Focusing on the Environment

Tdownloadeachers need to be able to use these essential resources in order to focus on the marine environment surrounding their schools and to help the conservation of that environment.

Children are naturally curious, but if they are not given the means with which to learn they may never take steps in learning about something that would otherwise be of great interest to them.

The maritime and marine industries offer a wide range of different careers for children to get involved in, so making the most use out of these industries will not only help children to find a career path, but may also help to inspire them to try other, less well-known careers. It will also help to highlight the importance of marine conservation to the next generation, so that they take active steps to help create a mutually beneficial marine environment for all to enjoy.

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