Several Primary Schools Celebrate ‘Good’ Result From Recent Ofsted

Coleman Primary in Spinney Hills, Burton Primary in Bournemouth and Westcott Primary in Hull are all among a spate of primary schools now celebrating their new ‘Good’ report as a result of the recent Ofsted inspections. Ofsted inspections are often dreaded and feared by the teaching and learning population, although they are a necessary evil in making sure that children are getting the education they deserve.

rating-153125_960_720A Test is not Infallible

Of course, a single testing and grading system based on one performance review is not the be all and end all of education, but it is incredibly important for schools to do well by Ofsted.

Schools rely on reputation in order to keep bringing in new pupils and an ‘Inadequate’ grading by Ofsted is thought to lead to parents running for the hills.

The Ofsted Rating System

The Ofsted Rating System itself is graded on four levels. Outstanding (1), Good (2), Requires Improvement (3) and Inadequate (4).

The schools are assessed on the teachers’ ability to plan lessons, the communication of pupils, progress made by pupils and a huge range of other factors. The fact that so many primary schools in the UK have recently received ‘Good’ reviews from Ofsted shows progress and promise for the schools of the modern day.

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