3 Jobs that Teaching also Encompasses

Teaching is a full time career, with thirty small people to look after seven hours a day, each with their own unique way of thinking, likes and dislikes. Sometimes it takes a miracle to get them all in order and somehow teachers manage to do that every single day. But they are not just teachers!

In times of need they can also be;


Children respond well to a teacher who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and can make them laugh. By making lessons fun and engaging, children will be more encouraged to learn and the lessons that they learn will also remain in their minds for longer.

Sports Coach and Referee

You’ll only need a basic grasp of sports in order to help your kids, as well as being able to break up any fights that occur, whether in the class or on the playground. These sorts of rules aren’t taught at university, so it is often learnt while on the job!

comfortTherapist or Confidant

Times can be tough for teachers, particularly if they have children in their class who are struggling due to problems at home. You have to be able to allow them to confide in you whilst remaining professional and this can get very difficult sometimes, especially when things aren’t quite right at home.

Teachers are wonderful people with such capacity that it is hard to know where they get their energy from. So if you’re ever tired and worried, just remember that there are at least thirty small people who are far better off with you than without. Rock on!

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