5 Myths About Supply Teaching

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If you’re thinking of getting into supply teaching, chances are you’ve started doing your own research about the type of work you will be doing.

As experienced supply teaching recruiters who have placed many happy candidates in their roles, we have come across a lot of misconceptions about the job that we wouldn’t want to put you off seeking your new role!

Here at Red Box, we have compiled a list of some of the top 5 myths flying around about supply teaching that we hope to disprove, allowing you to focus on finding a position within your new career.

1. Supply teachers are only there to manage bad behaviour

Supply teachers are so much more! They serve many vital roles within the classroom and are expected to carry out all of the same responsibilities of a permanent contracted teacher or teaching assistant, depending on who you are covering.

If you are looking for day by day supply teaching role, at Red Box Teacher Recruitment, you can request that you are placed in a school that you have worked in before and built a rapport with the students and we will try our best to find you a position to suit.

2. Supply teaching isn’t full-time work

It’s up to you! Whether you want to find a part-time supply teaching role in London, or you’d like something full-time, at Red Box, we have many opportunities to suit whatever your wishes.

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of supply teaching, meaning you’ll have more time to fill your life with whatever other activities you’d like to do.

3. You never get offered permanent work as a supply teacher

Our attentive teaching recruiters will listen carefully to what kind of supply teaching position you are looking for. With so many schools and contacts across London, we have great resources to help us find you the role to suit your needs and expectations.

It is often the case that nowadays, a lot of schools are employing teachers initially on a supply contract with an aim to hire that teacher on a permanent contract afterwards – this way both you and the school are able to assess your happiness and go on from there.

4. You’ll only work in struggling schools

We work with a huge variety of schools across the capital, providing a range of supply teaching vacancies for the right candidates.

Whether you’re looking for a supply teaching assignment in a state school, academy, private school, special educational needs school… the list is endless!

Our team of teaching recruiters will get to know you and what type of school you ideally want to be placed in and work hard to fulfil your expectations.

5. Schools only approach supply teaching agencies when they can’t hire themselves

We have such a high reputation for placing talented candidates within the right schools, this is the main reason London schools will choose Red Box to source their talent.

We take care of the interviewing process, the paperwork and safeguarding procedures to ensure that all candidates the are placed via Red Box are fully prepared for their assignments.

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