6 Benefits Of Starting A Career In Teaching

If you are looking to kickstart your career in teaching and searching for more information on the industry, then look no further!

There aren’t many more rewarding careers than helping young people learn and develop, playing a huge role in shaping them as a person is a key benefit of teaching. Becoming a mentor, inspiration and role model in people’s lives is an exciting prospect, and all can be done through teaching. 

In this article, we will discuss just a few of the amazing reasons you should consider teaching as a profession today.

1 - Inspiring A Generation

One of the main reasons people choose teaching is because they see real value in inspiring the children they teach. During the course of your teaching career, you will work with hundreds of amazing children and play a huge role in shaping their future as human beings! 

Your job as a teacher is to continue to strive for the very best from your students. You want to keep them challenged and engaged day to day. The morals you instil will undoubtedly stay with them throughout their young lives and adulthood. 

Furthermore, you will become an influential role model in the lives of your students. The person they look for to support, to develop them and ultimately become someone they look up to and respect. While this can sound daunting to many, there is truly nothing more rewarding than having a positive impact that lasts.

2 - Job Security

While many get into teaching to help inspire the next generation, it also has the amazing benefit of job security. The next generations will always need to be inspired and taught, there will always be teaching jobs. A career that is recession-proof, future proof and more recently pandemic-proof! The role of a teacher is undoubtedly one of the most secure roles there is, with a job security rating of 4.4/5.

In addition to this, if you ever feel like you want a change within the industry… you will have a plethora of other great teaching opportunities available to you. With the number of schools in the UK continuing to grow, there are always amazing schools in need of support. Becoming a supply teacher is a great option if you enjoy working in a variety of schools! Your transferable skills would also be welcomed across the wider education sector.

3 - Passion For A Subject

Passion for a particular subject is another reason people choose to embark on a career in education, and wanting to share that passion with the younger generation. There are few roles that allow us to use our passions on a daily basis. Teachers get to wake up every day and not only use their passion but also pass it on to the next generation.

Curriculums nowadays have so many different subjects and in higher education, students get to pick the subjects they have grown to love. Not only are you now teaching a subject you are passionate about, you are teaching the subject to students who now share that passion.

Curriculums continue to change and new subject matters are popping up. As a teacher you are consistently learning more about a subject you love. Your knowledge will continue to grow, as will your love for the subject.

4 - Term Time Holidays

The benefit that all our friends outside the industry are most jealous of… our weeks of fully paid holiday. While students are off enjoying half terms, end of terms, Christmas holidays, Easter break and of course the summer holidays, more often than not, so are you!

Working incredibly hard throughout the terms is rewarded. Not just time for the kids to have fun, it’s time for teachers to fully rest and recharge. A huge part in teacher well-being and job satisfaction within the industry.

While this is an amazing benefit for all teachers, it is particularly important for teachers who themselves have children in school. Allowing them the same time off and providing that much needed quality time to spend with the ones they love. Improving job satisfaction within the industry.

5 - Clear Career Path

The education industry is always overflowing with roles that need filling, any teacher looking to advance their career and take on new responsibilities or challenges has the opportunity to do so. There are also so many different roles within schools, if you’re ambitious and driven you can strive to become a head teacher, or perhaps an assistant head or department head.

Possibilities within the industry truly are endless, being the best teacher you can be and continuing to support the development of your students will result in recognition and progression. As expected, the longer you’re in the industry, the more opportunities will be presented to you.

6 - Salary  Salary  Salary 

Is teaching a low paid job? There is certainly a myth that teachers make a very low salary, but we are very pleased to tell you that this is very much false. Teachers can actually make a comfortable living with an average salary of around £37,500 (according to total jobs).

As with all industries, the newer you are to the job, the less money you will make. However, even as a newly qualified teacher, you will earn around £28,000 with an added bonus upon completing your probation. This is then likely to rise over the first 5 years to around the £37,500 average salary. 

If you have your sights on reaching headteacher level or higher, the money starts to drastically rise. The average salary of a head teacher within the UK is around £68,000, the top end being a healthy £100,000. Teachers can definitely earn a decent salary.

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