Act Up Act One Acting Courses

confidence actingFacing a classroom of new students with expectant faces can be very daunting. As teachers, we focus our efforts on building self confidence of our class, and we forget to focus on our confidence. We have found that taking acting classes can boost our own confidence and make us more ready to face the day.

Presenting ourselves with confidence can help build great relationships with our class and can engage the children in learning.  It is also a great way to bring fun and humour into the class and in turn receiving great energy.

The company Act Up have recently announced a beginners acting course which helps with vocal exercises, improvisation and assistance in public speaking. The course is 2 hour sessions over the course of 8 weeks. Lessons will be taken in small classes with a maximum of 14 people and there is also the option of a trip to the theatre, although this is not compulsory. For more information check out the Act Up website.

At Red Box we are always looking for ways to help our teachers and teaching assistants to improve themselves, so Act UP is a fantastic opportunity for those looking for a little help with their confidence. Happy acting!!

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