Mental Health Strategy in Schools

Senior Mental Health Lead Training

The Department for Education is offering grants for a senior member of school staff to access quality assured training to implement an effective approach to mental health and wellbeing. Grants of £1,200 will be available to around a third of all state schools and colleges this financial year. This is part of the government’s commitment to offer this training to all eligible schools and colleges by 2025.

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7 Ways to Promote Equality in the Classroom

Why is it important to have equality in the classroom? An equitable classroom is essential in building a foundation for the future of equality. Here’s our guide to promoting gender equality in education.

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Government Support Packages For Schools

School closures as a result of the pandemic, have had a devastating impact on the poorest children and the youngest in society. Ensuring all children can make up for lost learning will be a longer-term challenge. The government have released packages and funding to support this.

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Lesson Planning Tips

If you’ve just started out in your new teaching position, you may find that your lesson planning routine is extremely timely and consuming a lot of your downtime.

Here at Red Box, we understand that candidates have varying lessons planning methods, some of which work more effectively than others. We believe that good teaching comes from how well you deliver your lesson and not how long you spend on it.

We have listed our 5 top tips for teachers who find they are spending too much time on lesson planning. Follow these steps and you could find yourself with hours of extra free time per week to spend however you wish!

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Teaching Mental Wellbeing

Training Modules

The government has released the first in a series of modules to support teachers implementing mental wellbeing into the new curriculum.

The training will include physical and mental health material, to improve teachers confidence and identify potential issues before they escalate.

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Changes to Teacher Training in 2021

Early Career Teachers

From September 2021, teacher training and professional development is changing. Newly Qualified Teachers will be known as Early Career Teachers, and all will be required to follow the new 2 year induction programme, receiving support from a dedicated mentor through regular one to one mentoring sessions.

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Free Lateral Flow Tests for Teachers

All teaching staff are being supplied with lateral flow test kits on site or to swab at home. This will be offered twice a week on a voluntary basis to identify anyone who has the virus and may be asymptomatic. The result will be available in just 30 minutes.

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