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Benefits of Supply Teaching

When thinking about roles within a school, supply teacher seems to fall second best when compared to a regular full-time teaching position. People often focus on the negatives associated with the role instead of embracing the positives.

At Red Box teaching recruitment in London, we have compiled a list of benefits associated with supply teaching that you may not have thought of if you are considering looking for a temporary teaching role in the capital.

We source a full range of supply teaching positions across London for talented candidates that come our way – get in touch with our supply teaching agency to start looking for your next role today.

More Variety

If you’ve found yourself bored in previous roles, a supply teaching position will certainly provide you with a sense of variety that you may not experience in a full-time teaching role.

You may be working with a Year 3 class one week, and a more challenging Year 5 class the next. This can be extremely beneficial for your career and future development, as you’ll have the opportunity to experience a range of classes and syllabuses across the year.

Discover More About Your Goals

The more variety you have, the more you can experience making it easy to work out what kind of working environment you enjoy and thrive in most.

This will help you discover roles you want to put yourself forward for in the future. Our London teaching agency always takes your preferences into consideration when helping you find your next teaching position.

Increased Flexibility

If you’re looking to get into teaching, but value a flexible lifestyle, supply teaching is the perfect solution. Our supply teaching agency has contacts across the city, so whatever location you are hoping to find a role in, our team are here to help.

We offer a range of contract types, meaning you won’t be restricted to school holidays should you not wish to be – you will be in charge of your availability.

Ease into Retirement

Perhaps you’ve dedicated your life to teaching, you’re ready to start slowing down but aren’t ready to let go entirely.

Many retired teachers choose to go into supply teaching because they miss the profession. If you’re looking to go back into teaching and need assistance finding a position to suit your needs, give our supply teaching agency a call today.

Return to Teaching After Some Time Off

Similarly, if you’ve taken a break from teaching, perhaps to go travelling, spend time with the family, or because of illness and you’re ready to return to a school atmosphere, easing yourself in with supply teaching role could be a sensible solution.

Let our teaching agency source a supply teaching position to suit your needs, finding a school that matches your requirements and a contract that eases you back into the working atmosphere of a school.

Find Your Next Supply Teaching Role in London Today

Get in touch with Red Box today to start the search for your next supply teaching contract in London. Please call 01932 247000, or use our online contact form to leave your message. 

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