5 Myths About Supply Teaching

If you’re thinking of getting into supply teaching, chances are you’ve started doing your own research about the type of work you will be doing.

As experienced supply teaching recruiters who have placed many happy candidates in their roles, we have come across a lot of misconceptions about the job that we wouldn’t want to put you off seeking your new role!

Here at Red Box, we have compiled a list of some of the top 5 myths flying around about supply teaching that we hope to disprove, allowing you to focus on finding a position within your new career.

1. Supply teachers are only there to manage bad behaviour

Supply teachers are so much more! They serve many vital roles within the classroom and are expected to carry out all of the same responsibilities of a permanent contracted teacher or teaching assistant, depending on who you are covering.

If you are looking for day by day supply teaching role, at Red Box Teacher Recruitment, you can request that you are placed in a school that you have worked in before and built a rapport with the students and we will try our best to find you a position to suit.

2. Supply teaching isn’t full-time work

It’s up to you! Whether you want to find a part-time supply teaching role in London, or you’d like something full-time, at Red Box, we have many opportunities to suit whatever your wishes.

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of supply teaching, meaning you’ll have more time to fill your life with whatever other activities you’d like to do.

3. You never get offered permanent work as a supply teacher

Our attentive teaching recruiters will listen carefully to what kind of supply teaching position you are looking for. With so many schools and contacts across London, we have great resources to help us find you the role to suit your needs and expectations.

It is often the case that nowadays, a lot of schools are employing teachers initially on a supply contract with an aim to hire that teacher on a permanent contract afterwards – this way both you and the school are able to assess your happiness and go on from there.

4. You’ll only work in struggling schools

We work with a huge variety of schools across the capital, providing a range of supply teaching vacancies for the right candidates.

Whether you’re looking for a supply teaching assignment in a state school, academy, private school, special educational needs school… the list is endless!

Our team of teaching recruiters will get to know you and what type of school you ideally want to be placed in and work hard to fulfil your expectations.

5. Schools only approach supply teaching agencies when they can’t hire themselves

We have such a high reputation for placing talented candidates within the right schools, this is the main reason London schools will choose Red Box to source their talent.

We take care of the interviewing process, the paperwork and safeguarding procedures to ensure that all candidates the are placed via Red Box are fully prepared for their assignments.

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Beginner’s Guide to Supply Teaching

In a previous blog post, we highlighted some of the benefits of supply teaching. If you’ve decided that supply teaching is something you want to move forward with, you may be thinking of ways in which you need to prepare for your new role.

Whether you’re completely new to the education sector, or you’re choosing to move to supply teaching from a different teaching position, here at Red Box Teacher Recruitment, we have compiled a list of top tips to form a beginner’s guide to supply teaching.

Please get in touch today to start the hunt for your first supply teaching position in London. If you have any questions for our team of attentive teaching recruiters, leave us a message using our online contact form.

Qualifications You Need

To work as a supply teacher, you’ll need to have attained your Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

It is often the case that you’ll study this alongside your degree and/or PGCE. Once you meet the Teacher’s Standards set out by the National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL), you will be awarded this status.

We source roles for candidates that have achieved their QTS in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada or USA. If you have qualified outside of these areas, please don’t let that put you off getting in touch as we may be able to help you find a role.

Prepare to be Flexible

To give yourself the best chance of securing a supply teaching position in London, it is best to prepare to be flexible. London is a vast city with many good schools on our contact list.

Our supply teaching agency will always help you find a role that suits your needs, but if your needs are flexible, you’ll have even more opportunities come your way.

In terms of location, the age range you’d like to teach, what type of school you’d like to work in, if your requirements are stricter than others, you’ll automatically rule yourself out of certain positions.

Flexibility will allow you to experience a variety of schools and teach a range of students which is great for your personal development and will help boost your confidence.

Choose a Good Teaching Agency (Such as Red Box)

When you choose an attentive supply teaching agency, such as Red Box, you’ll save yourself time talking to other timewasting consultants that will consistently put you forward for unsuitable roles.

At Red Box, we listen very carefully to your personal requirements and goals, get to know you and your expectations when sourcing your supply teaching role in London.

When you are new to the industry, it is also crucial to choose a teaching agency that has a strong variety of contacts and relevant vacancies. At Red Box, we work with schools right across the capital – during your initial chat with one of our friendly team members, we will get to understand how you want to kickstart your supply teaching and find you a school that you can be happy in.

Keep Organised and Plan Ahead

When it comes to supply teaching it is often the case that you don’t find out where you will be working that day until the morning of that day.

Even if you find out about your day’s work an hour before you’re due to start, make sure you set off with plenty of time. This offers plenty of opportunity for you to find the school and arrive with time to find out where you need to be that day.

If you arrive at the school late, flustered and stressed, you won’t make a great first impression on a school that may have opportunities arise to hire you again in the future.

You should also arrive with all the resources you need – whether you have preprepared lessons plans, or you refer to plans created during university, don’t show up empty-handed! 

Be Confident and Make a Great First Impression

Supply teaching can sometimes be challenging. You may find yourself working with disruptive students that a break in normality may cause a few behavioural issues.

However, when it comes to behaviour management, as a new supply teacher, unless you’ve landed a long-term contract, don’t try to change the class’s routine too much. Should you need any guidance, don’t turn to the pupils for help, instead seek some help from a teaching assistant or another teacher to find out more about the routine and rules.

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Benefits of Supply Teaching

When thinking about roles within a school, supply teacher seems to fall second best when compared to a regular full-time teaching position. People often focus on the negatives associated with the role instead of embracing the positives.

At Red Box teaching recruitment in London, we have compiled a list of benefits associated with supply teaching that you may not have thought of if you are considering looking for a temporary teaching role in the capital.

We source a full range of supply teaching positions across London for talented candidates that come our way – get in touch with our supply teaching agency to start looking for your next role today.

More Variety

If you’ve found yourself bored in previous roles, a supply teaching position will certainly provide you with a sense of variety that you may not experience in a full-time teaching role.

You may be working with a Year 3 class one week, and a more challenging Year 5 class the next. This can be extremely beneficial for your career and future development, as you’ll have the opportunity to experience a range of classes and syllabuses across the year.

Discover More About Your Goals

The more variety you have, the more you can experience making it easy to work out what kind of working environment you enjoy and thrive in most.

This will help you discover roles you want to put yourself forward for in the future. Our London teaching agency always takes your preferences into consideration when helping you find your next teaching position.

Increased Flexibility

If you’re looking to get into teaching, but value a flexible lifestyle, supply teaching is the perfect solution. Our supply teaching agency has contacts across the city, so whatever location you are hoping to find a role in, our team are here to help.

We offer a range of contract types, meaning you won’t be restricted to school holidays should you not wish to be – you will be in charge of your availability.

Ease into Retirement

Perhaps you’ve dedicated your life to teaching, you’re ready to start slowing down but aren’t ready to let go entirely.

Many retired teachers choose to go into supply teaching because they miss the profession. If you’re looking to go back into teaching and need assistance finding a position to suit your needs, give our supply teaching agency a call today.

Return to Teaching After Some Time Off

Similarly, if you’ve taken a break from teaching, perhaps to go travelling, spend time with the family, or because of illness and you’re ready to return to a school atmosphere, easing yourself in with supply teaching role could be a sensible solution.

Let our teaching agency source a supply teaching position to suit your needs, finding a school that matches your requirements and a contract that eases you back into the working atmosphere of a school.

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Why Should You Use a Teaching Agency When Looking for Your Next Position?

If you’re struggling to find a temporary teaching position that suits your requirements exactly, you may find it beneficial to get in touch with our London based teaching agency.

Here at Red Box Teachers, we are dedicated to finding talented candidates their next primary teaching and supply teaching role.

We understand that job hunting in any industry can get stressful at times, but with teaching being so competitive, there is an added pressure and it can be tricky to know where to look, particularly if you are traveling to the capital to teach.

Here are a few reasons that we believe that choosing our teaching agency to source your next temporary teaching assignment could take away some of the stress job hunting.

Save Yourself Time

Job hunting can be an extremely lengthy process. Particularly if you are coming to the end of an existing temporary teaching placement, you may not have a lot of spare time to dedicate to searching for your next one.

At Red Box Teachers, we will take care of the entire process. Whilst you’re coming to the close of your current work, our attentive team will work to source your next teaching position based on your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term supply teaching position or a fixed primary teaching assignment in London, we will kickstart your job hunt in the background, whilst you continue your day to day routine.

Utilise Our Extensive Network

When searching for a teaching position off your own back, you may miss a number of opportunities simply because you are unsure of where to look, particularly if you are new to London.

Our teaching recruiters have an extensive list of contacts, and having placed many successful candidates in past positions, we have built a reputable name as a reliable primary teaching recruitment agency.

We naturally have access to many positions advertised in schools and nursery’s that you may not have even thought to look in. To find out more about our temp teaching positions, please get in touch today.

We Tailor Our Service to You

We focus our teaching position job searches on the individual requirements of each of our clients. Every candidate that comes to us will have a different lifestyle and different values.

Our team get to know you, and the kind of teaching position you are looking for, be that short or long term, primary teaching or supply teaching – whatever specifications you have for your next teaching role, we take these into consideration when sourcing the position for you.

Support Whenever You Need It

Choosing an agency to find your teaching role will provide you with that sense of security that you have someone to contact should you have any questions or queries throughout your assignment.

Starting in a brand-new school, perhaps in a brand-new city, can be quite overwhelming. When Red Box Teachers source your temporary teaching position, we are your first port of call should you require any additional support or guidance during your assignment.

Get in Touch

If you’ve hit a wall with you London teaching job hunt, allow Red Box Teachers to find you the perfect position and lift the weight from your shoulders.

To find out more about our temporary teaching positions in London, or if you have any questions for our teaching recruiters, please call 01932 247000, or use our online contact form.

Tips for Saving Time When Lesson Planning

So, you’re about to start your brand-new temporary teaching position in London, found by our teaching recruitment experts here at Red Box.

You may have already started planning your lessons and are perhaps finding it slightly more time consuming than you’d like. We all need a bit of downtime, and with many teachers spending around 10.6 hours of their free time on lesson planning during the week, you may be looking for a way to save yourself time.

As a reputable London teaching recruitment agency, we understand that what makes a good teaching candidate is how well you deliver your lessons, not the amount of time you spend on it! We have compiled a list of a few tips and tricks to help you save precious time during the lesson planning process.

Make A Weekly Schedule

Some people tend to avoid setting time aside to create a schedule, thinking that it is a waste of time that could be spent being productive in other ways.

However, we believe that taking time once a week to sit and plan out your week, you’ll end up saving time in the long run. Organising your tasks across the week will highlight any time gaps, making it easier to visualise when your free time will be.

This method of planning will also allow you to reschedule certain tasks as you require, making it easier to make social plans that don’t compromise your workload.

Work Backwards

Once you’ve made your weekly schedule, the lesson planning can begin. Having worked with many successful candidates over the years, our teaching agency has found that working backwards when lesson planning is an effective and efficient method.

You won’t waste time working out what the purpose of your lesson is – you’ll start at the finish line, and design your lesson plan based on reaching that destination.

Repurpose Old Lesson Plans

You have most likely taught a plethora of lessons in your previous primary teaching positions, so instead of spending time completely recreating lessons from scratch, there is absolutely no harm in repurposing lesson plans you have used before.

Giving your PowerPoints a spring clean will not only ensure they are up-to-date and personalised to your new class, but it will save you so much time!

Make Use of Interactive Elements

It goes without saying that making use of interactive elements in your lesson such as games, videos and quizzes are a great way for engaging your classroom.

It can be tempting to create these elements from scratch, which is great if you have the time to. But if you are looking for a way to save yourself some time, our London teaching agency can offer guidance on exactly where to look for access to a variety of materials that can be used when lesson planning.

Get Some Class Feedback

Find out what your students are responding best to. During your primary teaching placement, why not conduct a poll to see which activities the kids are enjoying most, and keep those results in mind when planning future lessons.

You’ll save a lot of time by not having to plan lessons that aren’t engaging the children, allowing you to focus your time on the lesson plans that you know they’ll learn from and enjoy the most.

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