Catholic Schools to Teach Judaism

With 2245 Catholic Schools throughout England and Wales, 1806 of them primary, it is a remarkable step forward that Catholic schools are now going to teach Judaism alongside Christianity for the first time ever. Whether that will affect the way full time teachers teach and prioritise each subject is yet to be seen, but it is certainly a good step towards an altogether more inclusive Britain.

A Necessary Change

The law has recently been changed so that all schools, even faith schools, must teach two religions at GCSE. Until now, Catholic schools teach only one faith, that of Catholic Christianity. Many schools have accepted the change and are working with leaders in the Jewish community to ensure that they are able to teach the religion to a high academic standard.

Judaism In Relation To Christianity

Judaism is often regarded as the ‘mother’ religion of Christianity, with Jesus himself a known Jew. The new law will work in such a way that it incorporates the rich history of both religions and will allow children to learn about the journey both religions have made in shaping the world today. It may also pave the way for children to learn about other religions such as Islam.

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