Children’s Mental Health NHS Cuts

A vast number of spending cuts to the NHS Children’s Mental Health Services now means that children are dangerously at risk of not receiving the proper, professional support that they need to deal with various mental and emotional issues.

The charity YoungMinds has warned that these cuts have resulted in the mental health care system for children being pushed to a breaking point and that the cuts will ultimately lead to higher thresholds for care. A higher threshold for care means that a child’s mental health may have to deteriorate to a crisis point before they are eligible for help and for many reasons this is unacceptable.

It is feared that many young people in crises could end up in prison or in poor adult care as a result of cuts to the NHS. While these facilities are often well equipped for adults, children need a different kind of care and attention that cannot be given.

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Dr Martin McShane, the National Clinical Director for NHS England’s long term conditions had this to say;

Joint local partnerships of local authority, school and NHS commissioners are vital to creating integrated approaches that make sure that a child or young person gets the right treatment from the right person and at the right time”

It is important that children feel they have enough support to help them deal with the issues that life gives them, which is why collaboration between parents and teachers is essential. It is just a sad fact that such heavy cuts are being applied to child NHS services when in reality more attention in those areas is needed.

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