Church of England Hopes to Start Money Saving Clubs for Children

The Church of England is planning on starting up a network of clubs in primary schools across the country designed to help children save their money in a bid to raise financial awareness among young children. The aim is to start kids with small, regular amounts of money which they will then hopefully build on as they grow, giving them a real sense of how savings can help you later on in life.

piggy-200x300Clubs will also take part in running group activities such as working as junior cashiers or bank managers in exercises and parents and school teaching staff can sign up to the clubs, with parents able to ‘set up accounts’ for expenses such as school trips and school uniforms which the children can work on saving towards.

The idea is to help children gain a wider understanding of how money plays a role in our lives and the importance of saving your money efficiently.

The teaching pack put together by the Church of England also aims to promote ideas of generosity which includes charity and fundraising.

Giving children a realistic goal to work toward while at the same time making learning fun and enjoyable may help to incorporate the idea of saving money into young children’s everyday lives, which they can then use and build on as they get older.

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