Cinnamon May Help to Improve Poor Learning Ability

According to recent research conducted abroad, the consumption of cinnamon could help bring people with poor learning capabilities up to scratch. If further testing goes well, it could be a great and non-intrusive way of giving some children that helpful boost they need in schools across the UK.

Cinnamon_sticks_2A Spicy Step Ahead

The team conducted that laboratory mice with perceived poor learning ability showed a great amount of improvement after they were fed ground cinnamon.

The rodent’s bodies managed to metabolise the ground cinnamon into sodium benzoate, which is a chemical also used in treatments for repairing brain damage.

The mice then displayed huge levels of improvement in terms of both memory and learning. The same could not be said of a test group of ‘smarter’ mice, as they didn’t seem to react in any way to the ground cinnamon.

If the results are successful with a study of human volunteers, this could mean a big step forward for assisting both children and adults with poor learning capabilities. Whether the results will be the same with human volunteers remains to be seen, but it is certainly something that could do a lot of good in the world without having to resort to medical or chemical treatments.

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