CV Writing Tips for Getting into Teaching

Whether you’re writing your first teaching CV or updating your current one ahead of searching for a new teaching position, here at Red Box, we have put together a few tips and tricks to help your CV stand out against the crowd.

Our London teaching recruitment consultants are on hand to help you through the application process, but by following these steps, your CV will be in a good position for when you come across a vacancy you would like to apply for.

Good Structure

First impressions are key, so it is important to start with a strong structure to your CV. Ideally, you don’t want it to be over two pages long. Any longer and you may lose the employer’s interest.

It’s best to avoid essay-style writing – keeping it short with concise points will be more punchy and make more of an impact, offering lots of conversation points for the interview stage.

If you have an existing CV and would like our professional opinion and pointers on how to improve, feel free to contact our team.

Things to Include

These are the essential points to include in your teaching CV:

  • Contact details: name, address, phone number and email. Make sure your email address is sensible and professional, not containing any nicknames that might put off your potential employer.
  • Include your degree and subject speciality.
  • Any relevant experience
  • It’s also a good idea to have a clean and professional LinkedIn profile

Tailor Your Personal Statement to the School

This is a great opportunity for you to express why you believe you will be a good fit for the school.

When it comes to thinking about your personal statement, you should include a paragraph explaining your reasons for getting into teaching and why you are a good fit for the position.

In addition to this, research the school, find out their key values and what sets them apart, and including within your personal statement what you can bring to the school if they were to give you this teaching position.

 Qualifications and Experience – Both in Chronological Order

Whatever teaching role you are applying for, be that mainstream teaching, supply teaching, TA or SEN teaching, you must list your qualifications and experience in chronological order to give the employer a good understanding of your background, where you are today and why.

Mention everything you can from the school, the duration you were there and the ages you taught. Whether it was full-time, part-time, paid or unpaid experience, it is incredibly valuable information to include on your CV and shows the recruiter that you are hard-working. 

Interests and Hobbies

To gauge whether you will fit into their school or not, they will want to know what you are like as a person too!

Mention a few things that you like to do in your spare time, any extracurricular activities you take part in and whether you undertake any volunteer work. Anything that you believe will help your application shine, include it!

Proof Read!

You could have the best CV out of a bunch of candidates, but if yours has grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, it will go against you.

Check, check twice, and triple check your CV before clicking send! It might seem laborious, but it will be worth it if it lands you your dream teaching job!

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