East of England – Rise in Interest of Teaching Careers

Last Year (2014-15), a total of 4280 registrations were logged with the National College for Teaching and Leadership over the course of the year, the highest registration number the NCTL has seen for some time. Many of these registrations were in January, with a high percentage of them coming from those looking to switch from another profession.

What This Means

With such positive results over the last year, this may be the start of a new era of teaching in the East of England. For several years, we have seen larger and larger classes of children needing a solid education, with a lack of primary teachers and primary supply teachers to be able to help them. With the highest registration number in three years, this could be the turning point that the education system needs to help make a proactive difference in how children are taught in groups.

Encouraging More People to Start Teaching

downloadThe positive numbers also contribute to encouraging more and more graduates to enter a career in teaching. Tax-free bursaries and scholarships are also being offered as incentives to top graduates who choose to teach key subjects, helping people with a degree make a good head start into the world of teaching.

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