Educational Visits Thought to be too Expensive

According to a study by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT), around a third of parents feel that the cost of sending children on educational visits is too expensive.  A third of parents also believe that school uniforms are too costly, with three quarters of those taking part, agreeing that there should be a limit on the charges made to parents by the school per educational year.

tripWhile many parents believe that any and all extracurricular activities should be covered by the school, the sheer cost of this undertaking would simply make it impossible.

Unfortunately in these cases it is the underprivileged children who miss out, although in many cases this cannot be helped.

Some schools have made extracurricular trips optional, whereas others have chosen to make them mandatory, although this presents a problem for families who struggle to make ends meet.

Schools are still in need of government funding for building repairs, supplies, teacher salaries, sports equipment and more. To insist schools pay for extracurricular activities will only send them into deeper trouble. The only other option would be for schools to cancel extracurricular activities altogether, at a great loss to the children. It is a national dilemma and one that doesn’t seem to have a solution at this time. Currently we can only remain grateful for parental support which enables children to attend trips and visits beneficial to their education.

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