Facebook Posts Affecting Employability?

In today’s world everyone loves to post a “selfie” picture online. Facebook and social media is a great way to document your life and share it with your friends. However it comes with a price of privacy.

The idea of sharing things on social media is pretty simple but people tend to forget that once you’ve posted something online it is there for everyone to see. If you’re full name is listed on Facebook potential employers can Google search you and access all the incriminating pictures of you!

fbEmployers are more frequently looking at their interviewees Facebook pages to get the inside scoop as to how suitable they will be to their company. It can be sneaky, but statistics have supported the idea that employers are less likely to employ someone because of things found on their Facebook Profile.

Of course that doesn’t mean you need to methodically remove any and all traces of fun or frolic from your Facebook page, just be careful about what you post or what you make available for public viewing. You can also slightly change your name as it appears on Facebook so that employers cannot search for it, or use a ‘business’ profile for employers such as LinkedIn.

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