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Social Media is incredibly important for staying connected with friends, distant family members and even business connections. This is why we have jumped on the bandwagon with our new Facebook page!

We will be updating it regularly with insightful news about local and international educational news, blogs and job offers in London.

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Every teacher has their own stance on teaching. Red Box tries to find you the best possible position to develop your growth and encourage your teaching style.

Red Box will try to help as much as possible with the move to working with an agency. We will help you find accommodation, find the best umbrella company for you and ensure you can start working to your timeframes.

We are looking for all qualified teaching assistants, nursery nurses and teachers who are happy to teach primary, this does include secondary trained teachers. We have many opportunities available, especially if you are looking for special needs experience.

Keep regularly updated on the latest job offers and educational news by following us on Facebook. We are proud to announce the launch of our new Facebook page and hope that you will join us on the Social Media networking site.

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