Finding a New Teaching Position in 2021

If you’re looking to make some changes in your professional life in 2021, you might be starting the search for your next teaching position. Here at Red Box Teacher, our team of dedicated teacher recruiters are on hand to source vacancies and provide support for those looking for a new teaching role in London.

The new year is a great time to set yourself new goals – with a new role comes new students, a new school and new responsibilities so is a great way to push yourself and progress in your career.

Here our London teaching recruitment team have compiled our top tips to help candidates to source and secure a brand-new teaching position that is going to fulfil their needs and suit their preferences.

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Searching for a new teaching role in your own time can be extremely time-consuming, particularly if you are working full-time already and only have evenings and weekends to dedicate to it.

Choosing a reliable teaching recruitment agency such as Red Box will do all the hard work for you. Our team get to know your individual requirements and values, allowing us to source a position that you will feel happy and contented in.

Do Your School Research

If there are particular schools you are hoping to secure an interview for, be sure to do your research! Read up on the school, get to know more about their history, particular programmes they run, reading any past newsletters you can access. Use this research to work out how you and your experience will fit in and make the school a better place. You can showcase what you have learned during your interview.

We usually recommend a school visit prior to starting a new position, but this can be more challenging to do as a result of the pandemic.

Most schools will be able to offer a virtual tour, offering you the opportunity to ‘explore’ the school and get a feel for it over a video call. 

To get a true feel for the school, you can request to speak to an existing teacher or member of staff – this is perhaps one of the best ways to get a true understanding of what it is like to work at that particular school.

Read Other Job Descriptions

If you’re waiting for a particular position to come available in a certain area in London, we recommend reading the job descriptions from roles and vacancies outside of your chosen area.

You don’t need to apply, but this is a good way to gain an understanding of what is required from the position you are looking to apply for. You’ll have the opportunity to read up on what your responsibilities would be, potentially the salary and other aspects of the role that may help you when it comes to interviewing.

Browsing other job description outside of your chosen London area might also provide an insight into other roles you may not have thought to look at or apply for!

Show You Can Adapt

Teachers have had to seriously adapt their practices as a result of the ongoing pandemic. COVID has proven to be rather unpredictable, so showing you can adapt quickly in trying situations can really help your application, particularly if you are applying for a new teaching position within the next few months.

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