Fine Increase in Poor Attendance

holiday In order to combat pupil absences over the past few years, the government has implemented a fine for extremely poor school attendance.

The fines are in place to avoid absconding and to ensure that children have equal chances to an education.

However, the fines not only target absconding children but also parents who want to take their child on holiday slightly before the term has finished.

This is due to prices for holidays rocketing to a high during peak times, which are the school holidays.

The ban has drawn opposition from parents, with hundreds of thousands signing petitions against the new rules and calling for the government to take action against holiday companies who raise their prices at peak times.

moneyParents are fined £60 per child per period of absence which will rise to £120 if not paid within 21 days. Many parents oppose this new harsh system, as these absences will include any term time holidays that the parents may choose to take.

“Family holidays are just as important to children as school. A happy child will get their work done better.

“This shouldn’t be treated the same as persistent truancy.”

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