When Hard Work and Persistence Pays Off

Hard work and persistence always pays off, particularly if you are doing something you love doing. Dawn Faizey Webster is a fantastic example of how being persistence can help you overcome the odds. Dawn was a teacher who suffered a dreadful stroke in 2003, but with hard work and persistence Dawn completed a History degree!

61470968The stroke unbelievably caused her to contract ‘Locked-in syndrome’ where she could only move her eyes.

She didn’t let that deter her as she started a course in Ancient History using only her eyes and tiny head movements to write essays and answers using a computer which translates the movements into text.

“I felt that I needed to prove to myself and to others that I was still me – Dawn” She wanted to show that she had lost no cognitive ability in the accident and her story will inspire thousands to reach for their dreams. The former teacher will graduate this October after a gruelling 6 years completing her degree.

Motivation is a key part of learning and encouraging others to learn, so it is important to have your own sources of inspiration. Teachers require motivation to teach and have to influence their students to motivate themselves.  By setting yourself regular goals throughout the school year, you will find that your achievements will help motivate your students.

Be persistent! Never give up.

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