How to Impress at a Panel Interview for a New Teaching Role

A panel interview can be daunting whatever sector you are in, but in a competitive field such as teaching, you want to ensure you shine above your competition. In a teaching job interview, you will often be interviewed by a panel made up of the headteacher, head of department and perhaps another member of staff, and you’ll naturally aim to impress them all.

Our London teaching agency has put together a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for your panel interview, to make sure you come across well and impress everyone involved.

Remember Each Name and Profession

It is quite natural to get nervous in interviews, particularly during that moment of first entering the room and getting introduced to the panel. Even if it’s only for the few seconds you are being introduced, shake those nerves and be sure to take in their names and role in the school.

Learning their position and department within the school will be extremely beneficial for you when it comes to answering questions throughout the interview, and addressing someone by their name shows that you are engaged and switched on.

Besides, when you’re in the classroom, you’ll have even more names to learn!

Tying Answers Back to Their Specific Question or Department

This is why remembering your panel’s department is important. You’ll be answering questions throughout the interview which you will be awarded bonus points for if you can link your answers back to the department they work for or that you are interviewing for.

Make your answers relevant to the panel you’re sitting in front of and make points that will resonate with them to impress them even further!

Maintain Eye Contact

It’s important to maintain eye contact with anyone you are addressing in an interview, no matter the job you are going for. This will evoke confidence even when you might be feeling nervous, and shows the panellist that you are listening to them.

If you’re looking around the room, you may come across as disinterested, and looking down won’t assert the character that is needed to control a classroom. With eye contact, you’re showing the panel that you are right for the job and that you believe in yourself.

Asking Questions Centric to the Role You’re Applying For

Show that you’re fully engaged and are willing to learn as much as possible in this interview. Asking questions that are relevant to the department and specifically, the teaching role you are applying for will show the panel that should they give you the opportunity of a job offer that you will work hard to ensure you fit in well and thrive in the position.

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