Preparing for a Nursery Job Interview

Have got a nursery teaching job interview coming up? Want to make sure you are as prepared as can be ahead of the big day?

Here at Red Box, our London teaching agency have put together a couple of tips and tricks to help ensure you put your best foot forward when it comes to navigating your interview.

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Research the Nursery

Your first port of call is to research the nursery as best you can. Take a look at their website and try and get a good feel for the place before your interview.

You’ll be able to get an idea of their values, their most recent Ofsted rating and what makes their nursery unique. You can use this information to tell your interviewer why you think you’ll be a great fit.

Gather Your Important Documents

Make sure you are prepared with everything you need the night before. It is likely that the nursery staff will already have a copy of your CV, but make sure you have a copy in front of you just in case, along with any certificates for qualifications that may be required.

It might be a good idea to collect any references and testimonials that might boost your interview success.

Dress Smartly

It goes without saying but make sure you look the part, even if your initial interview is over video!

During an in-person nursery interview, you may be asked to take part in a play session, so be sure to wear something that you feel comfortable moving around in. With this in mind, it’s a good idea if you have long hair to tie it back out of the way.

Prepare Answers for Likely Questions and Bring Some Questions of Your Own

Be prepared to speak about your skills and experience, why you want to work in that nursery and how you would navigate certain situations. Don’t be afraid to show off why you think you would be the perfect fit for this role – be confident!

As well as having your answers prepared, it will look good if you have your own set of questions you would like to ask the nursery staff. This could be anything from ‘how many children does the nursery currently have?’, ‘does the nursery conduct parent meetings?’, ‘is there opportunities for promotion?’. This will show you are engaged and ambitious.

Remain Calm!

As with any job interview, you might be feeling nervous beforehand, whether it is in person or over video.

Take deep breaths to compose yourself before the interview. During the interview, remember to small, maintain eye contact and remain engaged from the get-go. Your nerves will show, so if you go in backing yourself and feeling calm and confident, it will surely shine through during your interview.

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