Interactive Field Trip for Year 2 Pupils

The future is now with various pupils throughout the UK already taking part in ‘interactive’ online field trips. The Year 2 class at Takeley Primary, Essex were transported to Buckinghamshire via the internet in order to learn about beekeeping and how honey is made.


The session was live and lasted for around half an hour, where a beekeeper showed the pupils how honey is made and an average day at his farm in Buckinghamshire.

The live session allowed pupils to ask him questions about the bees and the honey process.

During the session the children could also sample from seven different types of honey, provided by Tesco as a part of its Eat Happy Project; designed to show children exactly where their food comes from.

Interactive online field trips could be the way forward as it provides an interesting break from everyday lessons and does not put pressure on parents to pay for their children to go on expensive school trips. The sessions are immediate and cut out all the travel time, hopefully paving the way for a more productive trip that can be easily shared by all pupils!

With more technology available to children of all ages, it is important to have qualified; professional primary supply teachers who can provide children with the encouragement they need to grow and learn. Kick-start your career with the help of Redbox Teachers today!

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