Kent School Exchanges Shorter School Day for Longer School Holidays

Chiddingstone Primary School near Tonbridge in Kent is creating a way for pupils to spend a little longer in school each day, in exchange for two weeks extra holiday over the course of the school year. The change has been brought about as a way of helping parents to afford cheaper holidays.

Both staff and parents have agreed on the new term structure – which sees pupils spending an extra 20 minutes in school each day – so that pupils will be able to take two weeks off instead of just one, during the May and October half-term holiday breaks.

Holidays are getting more and more expensive, particularly during school holidays, and parents are facing increasingly strict rules about when they can and cannot take their children on holiday.

According to the law, children can only be taken out of school during term time in ‘exceptional circumstances’ and could face a £60 fine otherwise, which doubles if not paid within three weeks.

When factored into the average school week, 20 minutes extra a day will not seem like a major change, however, that extra week of holiday could give both parents and children some much needed time off. This seems like a recipe for success, particularly when you consider the fact that the cost of such holidays will not be as high in the second week.

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