Maths, English, Science – Three Tips to Keep Kids Interested

The three most essential subjects at school can be a nightmare to teach and to learn about if you’re not that interested in the subject matter. Whether you’re an experienced teaching veteran or you’re just wetting your whistle as a teaching assistant, making kids understand the importance of Science, Maths and English is essential, as they will need that knowledge as they continue on in life.
So how can you make those three subjects interesting and compelling in a way that makes your students eager to learn more? Take a look at these three helpful tips for inspiration;

Science – Horrible Science, Make it Gross and Funny!

Even the most boring subjects can be brought to life with a few comical drawings or funny jokes. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an artist, you can add diagrams to your lessons to help your pupils memorise the lessons better.

English – Write your Passion

Everyone has a subject or interest they feel passionate about. By tapping into those passions and getting your students to ‘write what they know’ you can help them learn new words, correct their own grammar and weave their own stories through their work.

Maths – Use LEGOs for Fractions

LEGO building blocks are a well-known, popular and classic toy designed to spark the imagination of children. By using them in pieces to help children to understand fractions, you bring part of that fun of playtime into the classroom and allow your pupils to put their puzzle solving skills to good use.


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