Mental Health Strategy in Schools

Senior Mental Health Lead Training

The Department for Education is offering grants for a senior member of school staff to access quality assured training to implement an effective approach to mental health and wellbeing. Grants of £1,200 will be available to around a third of all state schools and colleges this financial year. This is part of the government’s commitment to offer this training to all eligible schools and colleges by 2025.

Senior mental health lead training is relevant to all education settings. Courses are available to meet the learning needs and preferences of senior leads, whatever their level of experience, type of setting or location!

Research indicates that taking a coordinated and evidence-informed approach to mental health and wellbeing leads to improved emotional stability of young people, and greater readiness to learn. Schools which have taken this approach often report improved attendance, attention, behaviour and attainment.

All state-funded schools and colleges are eligible to apply for a training grant!

Before you apply, you should check that you meet in full the eligibility criteria and terms for the training grant, including that you have:

·       Committed to develop or implement a whole school approach to mental health

·       Identified a senior mental health lead to oversee your whole school approach

·       Make sure they are available to commence training before 31 March 2022

For further information on how to help your school promote and support the mental wellbeing of pupils, students and staff, and make best use of existing resources, see the latest updates from the government website.

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