New Set of Standards for Teaching Assistants

The government has stated that a new set of standards is to be drawn up for teaching assistants across all state schools in England. These new standards will hopefully serve to emphasise and highlight the work conducted by teaching assistants in schools nationwide and to professionally recognise and acknowledge their efforts.

Support from Support Staff

imagesIt is important that children are given the proper learning support they need to excel in education systems, so individual support given by both teachers and teaching assistants could make all the difference to one child.

Support staff need to have established standards that they can aspire to and meet in order to provide their children with the support they need.


Alleviating Concerns

There have been some concerns voiced that teaching assistants may be ‘undermining’ the effect of teachers on children. However, it is better to have two teachers focusing on one subject and splitting their time more evenly between a class of 30 than having one overworked teacher barely making the grade. Teachers and teaching assistants will be able to work together to raise school standards, which is why more recognition needs to be given to those teaching assistants who take on more, and why these new standards should work to help all teaching professionals reach a comfortable standard of work.

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