Following the Olympics – Get your Kids involved in Sports

With the Rio Olympics now finished and the Paralympics just getting underway, the BBC campaign ‘Get Inspired’ is trying to encourage children and young people to participate in more sports.
Unfortunately, it seems that the motor skills of today’s children in the UK are below average when compared to some of their other European counterparts. This could spell disaster in sixteen or twenty years time when the children of today are hoping to qualify for an Olympic sport.

A Little Bit of Everything

The primary school years are crucial to a child’s physical, mental and cognitive development. Therefore it is important that any interest in sport is properly encouraged and nurtured if we want to make any headway in getting those Golds at the Olympics. However, sampling a wide range of different sports could help children to develop their movement skills, even if they don’t stick to one particular sport.

Sports don’t just Aid Physical Development

It can also help children understand general tactics, which can easily be transferred from one sport to the other, and psychological skills such as setting goals, or using personal advantages to gain the upper hand. These skills can all be used in different walks of life; not just in training for the Olympics. As teachers, it is our responsibility to give pupils as many opportunities to grow as possible, which is why teaching physical activities, as well as mental activities, are so important.

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