Ormiston Trust Offers Rent to Teachers in Deprived Areas

When it comes to teaching in highly populated and urban areas, it can be hard for a full time or even part time teacher to find decent accommodation that is a reasonable distance from the school. Finding work in London can be quite difficult because of this, particularly if you would really rather not spend a few hours on commuting to work every day.

rent rbIf you want to teach at a school in a deprived or run-down area, finding a good place to rent where you feel safe and secure can make it a little bit harder.

This is probably why, in an attempt to boost teacher recruitment in under-developed areas, the charity Ormiston Academies Trust, has plans to extend offers of subsidised houses to teachers in these areas.

The Trust – consisting of 30 primary and secondary schools – has said that providing cheaper housing, closer to the schools would make it more attractive to teachers looking for work. It can be hard to find any sort of accommodation when teaching supply or substitute teaching, so this could make a huge difference to the amount of applicants they get each year.

This scheme has come about as a result of two test schools providing this service at Grimsby and the Isle of Wight. There are high hopes that this will help to tackle the teacher deficiency in under-developed and deprived areas.

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