Overcrowding in Primary Schools

According to a recent Labour party study, it has come to light that around 1 in 5 primary schools throughout the country do not have enough space for pupils. In a worrying study it has been found that 18% of all schools are over capacity, with around 9% just stretching to capacity.

classroom rbDesperate Measures

With a growing number of students needing education each year, there is an increasing problem of overcrowding in many schools, resulting in parents having to use private education or even home school their children if their local public schools are found to be overcrowded.

With so many abandoned warehouses and old office blocks located in bustling cities, we do sometimes wonder why these buildings aren’t repurposed as schools. A lot of it comes down to government funding and also finding qualified teachers to step up to the mantle, or otherwise risk increased class sizes, which can have its own problems.

Temporary Solutions

At the moment, several schools have come up with temporary solutions to this growing crisis, with one school converting an old double-decker bus into a extra few classrooms and another using a car park to erect around eight portable classrooms. While these solutions are innovative, it begs the question of how these schools will continue to cope in the years to come.

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