Tips for Aspiring Teachers

If you’re thinking about getting into teaching, you want to make sure that your career change will be worth it. This can be a daunting task as becoming a teacher will likely switch up your entire lifestyle, so it is good to be sure and have a dedicated mindset if it is something you really want to do.

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Teaching Mental Wellbeing

Training Modules

The government has released the first in a series of modules to support teachers implementing mental wellbeing into the new curriculum.

The training will include physical and mental health material, to improve teachers confidence and identify potential issues before they escalate.

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Changes to Teacher Training in 2021

Early Career Teachers

From September 2021, teacher training and professional development is changing. Newly Qualified Teachers will be known as Early Career Teachers, and all will be required to follow the new 2 year induction programme, receiving support from a dedicated mentor through regular one to one mentoring sessions.

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Free Lateral Flow Tests for Teachers

All teaching staff are being supplied with lateral flow test kits on site or to swab at home. This will be offered twice a week on a voluntary basis to identify anyone who has the virus and may be asymptomatic. The result will be available in just 30 minutes.

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Top 5 Tips for New Teaching Assistants

A teaching assistant role is an opportunity to gain some classroom experience before perhaps moving on to start a PGCE or further teaching qualifications. It is also a great way to work in an educational role if you haven’t been to university!

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Teachers Overcoming Remote Learning Challenges

With remote learning and home schooling becoming a huge part of our lives throughout the pandemic, it goes without saying that it hasn’t come without challenges.

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Finding a New Teaching Position in 2021

If you’re looking to make some changes in your professional life in 2021, you might be starting the search for your next teaching position. Here at Red Box Teacher, our team of dedicated teacher recruiters are on hand to source vacancies and provide support for those looking for a new teaching role in London.

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5 Myths About Supply Teaching

Red Box - KS1 Teaching Jobs Image

If you’re thinking of getting into supply teaching, chances are you’ve started doing your own research about the type of work you will be doing.

As experienced supply teaching recruiters who have placed many happy candidates in their roles, we have come across a lot of misconceptions about the job that we wouldn’t want to put you off seeking your new role!

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Beginner’s Guide to Supply Teaching

Group Of Pre School Children Answering Question In Classroom

In a previous blog post, we highlighted some of the benefits of supply teaching. If you’ve decided that supply teaching is something you want to move forward with, you may be thinking of ways in which you need to prepare for your new role.

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Benefits of Supply Teaching

When thinking about roles within a school, supply teacher seems to fall second best when compared to a regular full-time teaching position. People often focus on the negatives associated with the role instead of embracing the positives.

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