Finding a New Teaching Position in 2021

If you’re looking to make some changes in your professional life in 2021, you might be starting the search for your next teaching position. Here at Red Box Teacher, our team of dedicated teacher recruiters are on hand to source vacancies and provide support for those looking for a new teaching role in London.

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5 Myths About Supply Teaching

Red Box - KS1 Teaching Jobs Image

If you’re thinking of getting into supply teaching, chances are you’ve started doing your own research about the type of work you will be doing.

As experienced supply teaching recruiters who have placed many happy candidates in their roles, we have come across a lot of misconceptions about the job that we wouldn’t want to put you off seeking your new role!

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Beginner’s Guide to Supply Teaching

Group Of Pre School Children Answering Question In Classroom

In a previous blog post, we highlighted some of the benefits of supply teaching. If you’ve decided that supply teaching is something you want to move forward with, you may be thinking of ways in which you need to prepare for your new role.

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Benefits of Supply Teaching

When thinking about roles within a school, supply teacher seems to fall second best when compared to a regular full-time teaching position. People often focus on the negatives associated with the role instead of embracing the positives.

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Why Should You Use a Teaching Agency When Looking for Your Next Position?

If you’re struggling to find a temporary teaching position that suits your requirements exactly, you may find it beneficial to get in touch with our London based teaching agency.

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Tips for Saving Time When Lesson Planning

So, you’re about to start your brand-new temporary teaching position in London, found by our teaching recruitment experts here at Red Box.

You may have already started planning your lessons and are perhaps finding it slightly more time consuming than you’d like. We all need a bit of downtime, and with many teachers spending around 10.6 hours of their free time on lesson planning during the week, you may be looking for a way to save yourself time.

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