Parents will do anything to secure school places

IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled OutIt has come to light that a growing number of parents throughout Yorkshire are not telling the honest truth when it comes to applying for school places for their children.

In order to get into Yorkshire’s best schools, parents have been stretching the truth when filling out certain forms with regards to their family circumstances and where they live.

This may have come about as a result of the recent rise in demand for school places.

With schools full to bursting and a shortage of professional key stage 1 and key stage 2 teachers, around 11,770 pupils applying for Yorkshire schools did not get into their first choice of Primary or Secondary school; with just under 3,000 applicants offered places from Primaries or Secondaries they didn’t choose.

As a result of these altered school applications, the local councils have had to carry out a number of investigations into fraudulent applications for Yorkshire schools. This only serves to highlight the issues many face when applying for local schools and the desperate need for more teachers on board.

Research has also shown that school catchment areas are more popular when it comes to families looking for a stable family home or at least a place to rent for the time being. When looking for a property it is important for parents to know about local catchment areas and so it is no wonder that properties within the catchment area are more popular.

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