Parents Worry about Helping with Homework


With the school curriculum constantly changing in a bid to improve education for the current generation, it is not surprising that parents can sometimes feel a little swamped by all the changes.

It is becoming increasingly common to see parents expect more from teachers and teaching assistants, while at the same time not feeling confident enough to take an active stance in assisting their own children with learning.

In January this year, insurance company Aviva conducted a study gathered from 2,000 parents that covered how confident parents felt when faced with challenges in their children’s homework. It is important that parents are able to provide advice and helpful hints and tips when assisting children with their homework, but with certain subjects, such as maths and science, they can be left feeling a little stumped at answering some of the questions put to their children by teachers.

Two thirds of parents today admit that they feel they cannot give their children the support they need when it comes to solving homework problems, with four in ten adults admitting to feeling a sense of competition between themselves and other parents. Around 50% of parents admitted to using Google when ‘helping’ their children.

It can be difficult for these parents when they admit to having trouble, and helping children with their homework can drudge up bad memories of their own school times but it is an essential part of the learning progress. So what can be done to improve the confidence of these adults so that they can help their children grow? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

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