Pupils believe that they are more Tech Savvy than Teachers

A recent survey from Competing at School has come up with the results that around half of young people believe that they are more computer savvy than their teachers and parents. Although this may not be strictly true, it certainly begs the question as to whether or not we are spending enough time on educating our teachers when it comes to information technology.

tech savvy rbTen or fifteen years ago it may have been unheard of for teachers of most subjects to be any more computer literate than needing to know how to use the basic office works, however nowadays computer literacy is an essential skill for all subjects.

While there are still courses available to help teachers gain a better understanding of computers, how to use the internet and how to increase online security, more must be done to help teachers and pupils use computers and the internet as an access for learning. In some cases, teachers need to express concerns when they feel they need extra training and schools should attempt to assist in teacher training in order to ensure the safety of our children while engaging in online activities.


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