Reduce Exam Focus

Tony Little, the Headmaster of Eton school, has made a statement saying that too much focus on exams and testing children could be dangerous for their wellbeing. The head claims that primary schools are placing too much weight on the results of test papers and the students’ ability to pass ritualised exams instead of focusing on the child as an individual being.

Approach to Learning is too Mechanical

He was stated as saying Young people have a tremendous energy and power and as a nation we don’t harness it. This ritualised, mechanical approach to learning which is beginning to sweep through the Western world, I think, is hugely dangerous for all of us.” Which refers to the frequent tests and exams our pupils have to undergo throughout their educational lives.

A Compromise in Creativity

5311913053_3fa4750a11_bThe head has also warned that adopting the Chinese method for placing a higher importance of exams on children, would compromise creativity and the power of the individual.

Such decisions could lead us towards a more totalitarian state that eerily mirrors that of George Orwell’s infamous Novel “1984”.

It is important that equal importance if not more importance is placed on the child’s ability and imagination as an individual so that test results and grades do not become the only thing representative of a child’s intellectual worth.

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