School in Scotland Given The Choice of Their Own Educational Research

What happens when teachers lead their own research? Sandbank Primary school in Argyll and Bute; Scotland has been leading their own educational research for the last 18 months in a ‘ground-breaking’ project in conjunction with the Open University.

downloadWhile their primary function is to instil learning in others, it is also important that the teachers themselves are able to grow and learn as teachers and educators. Otherwise, how would we figure out a working formula for classroom reading? For marking homework? For helping disruptive or shy students find their voice? Teachers can certainly learn while on the job, but educational research is also essential in order to get a good foundation.

For example, Sandbank Primary teacher Brenda Reid has seen an overwhelmingly positive impact on her pupils as a result of her own research into behavioural problems. What used to be heated arguments are now easily handled thanks to her new research.

Every teaching class is different, so to apply a general ‘syllabus’ of research to thousands of different classrooms seems a little pointless. It is a leading example of what teachers can do for themselves when faced with the opportunity of leading their own educational research

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