School to Start Serving Cold Lunches

While school lunches must be healthy, nutritious and fulfilling, they don’t necessarily have to be hot in order to give children everything they need for a balanced diet. West Dunbartonshire Council are looking at ways of saving money by potentially scrapping hot school dinners on Fridays. lunch

This might be a risky move on the schools part, particularly with parents perhaps preferring hot meals to take place at school rather than the evening at home, but it may be a smart choice. The change in school dinners could see pupils being offered a sandwich with salad and fruit instead of a hot meal, which seems like a very sensible choice. After all, how often do we grab a sandwich for lunch while working in the office or out and about? It is a’ go to’ snack that is easy to prepare and can be both delicious and healthy.

The decision could save around £258,000 annually, which is a pretty reasonable price for the loss of one hot meal a week. This could be used to fund IT rooms, provide extra facilities for educational supplies and library reading, or even assist in helping those less fortunate than ourselves. The possibilities are endless.

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