Share Aware Campaign Launched

The NSPCC has recently launched a national campaign that aims to help young children and their parents become more aware about the importance of staying safe online, particularly on social networking. The campaign is being called ‘Share Aware’ and follows an increase in children getting smart phones, tablets or games consoles for Christmas and birthdays.

internetWhile tablets make great learning devices, with a number of helpful apps designed to help children with their spelling, grammar, punctuation, maths and more, it is also necessary to remind children of the importance of online security.

Like adults would teach their children not to speak to strangers, so it is also important to show your kids how strangers could potentially target them on social networks.

The campaign is designed to provide parents with essential advice that helps them to ‘untangle the web’ of the internet. So even if they themselves are not familiar with social networking and online communications, they can still feel confident talking to their children about online safety. Some people may not consider online relationships as much of a threat as day-to- day communications, but so much personal information can be easily shared over the internet. It is crucial that teachers and parents work together to help children become more aware of their ‘online’ surroundings.

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