Spaceship Crash at Brookhill Leys Primary

imagesWhen it comes to learning in the name of Science and making your own discoveries, nothing is more exciting than seeing Science first hand. Earlier this month, pupils from Brookhill Leys Primary & Nursery School scavenged through the ‘wreckage’ of a ‘crashed spaceship’ in a Sci-fi themed day.

The aim was to add a bit of excitement to the children’s lives by getting them involved in the sciences through a number of themed activities and competitions.

alien-308429_640Around 400 pupils in total took part in the afternoon activities, showing a great interest in the activities there were to offer. The ‘spaceship’ also touched upon other subjects, with Year One pupils being encouraged by their key stage 1 teachers to write letters to the ‘aliens,’ as well as using Maths in rocket experiments to help predict elements such as its trajectory and speed.

The ‘crash site’ is full of interesting bits and bobs, with electrical wires showing how the ‘ship’ works as well as futuristic technology that helps explain to children how things work. It was a great way to involve the children by appealing to their sense of excitement and adventure, whilst also providing a good lesson to learn. The event was organised with the help of three Science teachers from Hall Park Academy.

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