Special Educational Needs Teaching

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the education sector and would like to work with pupils who have additional needs, special educational needs teaching could be the role for you.

We have a variety of SEN teaching vacancies available in both mainstream and special schools across London, offering various contract types depending on your needs.

There are many benefits of getting into SEN teaching – our teaching recruitment consultants have put together a list of reasons why this branch of teaching can be one of the most rewarding roles you can have.

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It’s Rewarding

As an SEN teacher, your main responsibilities involve you working with pupils who require extra support, be that due to learning difficulties or a disability.

It is often the case that these children and young people don’t have a lot of confidence or belief that they can succeed, which is where you come in.

It’s no doubt an amazing feeling knowing the pupil is leaning in a safe and accessible environment as a result of your efforts, and even more rewarding when they can achieve their educational goals.

Learn New Skills

When it comes to SEN teaching, it is not only the pupil that will be learning. These positions will offer opportunities to learn new skills beyond the ones you gain with mainstream teaching.

From how you structure your day to how you approach certain situations, whether you’ve transitioned from a standard teaching role or you are just starting out in your career, you will be well-equipped with a full variety of skills that you won’t often achieve in other roles.

A Chance to Get Creative

With your core focus being to make the national curriculum as accessible as possible for your SEN pupils, you have much more freedom when it comes to your teaching methods.

One form of teaching may work for one pupil which another may struggle with. It is your job to come up with a variety of creative ways to translate information into understandable lesson plans, utilising different resources, activities and other creative practices to help your pupils understand and grasp certain concepts.

Shape the Future of the Pupils You Work With

The work you put in with these pupils will be incredibly rewarding when by the end of their education, they are well equipped to face the outside world and a life without limits.

Whatever they choose to make of their lives post-education, knowing you had an integral part to play in their education is a great feeling.

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