How to survive in teaching without imploding, exploding or walking away

How to survive in teaching book cover image

An insightful book written by Dr Emma Kell

There’s hardly a day goes by without some news in the education sector of teachers reaching their limit. Stories of mental breakdowns and of teachers leaving the profession in droves doesn’t fill those new to the profession with much confidence about their chances in the future. But, according to a new book written by experienced teacher and researcher, Dr Emma Kell, it is entirely possible to survive and do well, despite the fact that the teaching profession is facing a genuine crisis.

Kell believes there are ways to survive the increasing pressures in the teaching profession. Her book, How to survive in teaching, without imploding, exploding or walking away, offers realistic and practical answers to survival as a teacher and gives a positive spin on the challenges and rewards of teaching.

Kell has two decades’ experience in the classroom and describes her book as a ‘celebration and a call to action.’ She points out that all too often teachers become bogged down with toxic politics and conflict, and this along with other workplace stress leads many teachers to make the decision to walk away.

A book review in Schools Week of Kell’s work reminds us that most teachers strive to be creative, express their individuality and show a passion for the subjects they teach. Most teachers, Kell argues, want to be brilliant teachers and make a difference to those that they teach. Kell calls upon teachers to say no to excessive workloads. One piece of advice Kell stresses if you want to survive in teaching without imploding, exploding or walking away is to leave on time.

Kell explores some interesting strategies and looks at some successful models where teachers can feel supported, yet challenged, feel accountable and enjoy a sense of being valued. Chapter 3 of this interesting and frank review of what’s really happening in our education system summarises just what to expect if you are joining the teaching profession today. Chapter 4 offers responses to the challenges this profession faces. She proposes teachers should respond to curriculum changes and not take them lying down. Her message? To fight back.

This is a book every teacher, and anyone considering entering this profession, should read. It spells out the facts on the challenges teachers face, but also offers hard-hitting advice on how to survive the perils of modern day teaching as well.

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