Gove Punishes Parents

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Education secretary Michael Gove has announced that he will be imposing punishments for parents whose children fail to show their teachers the proper level of respect. The Minister insists that mums and dads must take the necessary responsibility for their child’s behaviour in regards to respect towards teachers, the willingness to learn and even turning up to school.

scoldIt is Mr Gove’s belief that parents who believe it should be the job of the teachers to educate and raise their children, without installing a sense of respect for their teachers in children, will find themselves on a self-destructive path of stubborn children who are unwilling to learn.

While it is important to ensure that children attend school and express a willingness to learn, perhaps penalising the parents is not the best way to go about this. Some suggest that time spent penalising parents for making sure their kids turn up at school could be better spent having personal 1 to 1 sessions with the children themselves, to learn how they view school and how to better their experience of school as a whole. It is the case of the carrot and the stick so to speak.

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Education Minister Visits Schools in Shanghai

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Nick Gibb the former Schools Minister believes that children may be falling behind children from the Eastern territories because they did not learn basic arithmetic times tables by heart. Because of recent efforts made to try different teaching methods in the classroom, to test different responses from children and to make learning more engaging for them, there has been a decline in the use of mental arithmetic and rote learning in the classroom.

It has been claimed that because of this decline, pupils have been struggling to understand the basic mathematical concepts. With practice and repetition, similar to the method used in learning a musical instrument, children can learn mental arithmetic and other maths to heart, which commits methods to their long term memory.

[redbox] math blogEducation minister Elizabeth Truss visited a collection of primary and secondary schools in Shanghai in February and in contrast to the claims Gibb has made, found that it was not the method of teaching that produced such good results, but the instant feedback between a teacher and his/her pupils. Students would receive graded homework instantly, with feedback given on their progress during lessons in the form of discussion.

Teachers engaged with the children and encouraged class discussions, with arithmetic examples increasing in difficulty across the course of the lesson. There is a great focus on one to one support to ensure that no child falls behind and this may be the problem with schools in the UK, as more and more pressure is put on teachers to handle larger classes.

Education is crucial to the essential development of young children, which is why Red Box Teachers make every effort to ensure all part time and full time supply teachers and teaching assistants find their perfect teaching job. Do you agree with Nick Gibb in that more traditional methods of teaching need to be implemented? Or do you feel that engagement and the focus on one to one support is more beneficial for the education of today’s youth? Why not let us know in the comments below, or tell us on our new Facebook page?


Making Lessons Fun! Advice Tips 1

In order to keep children of all ages interested in learning and developing with exciting and engaging content while still sticking to the given syllabus, here are some top tips.



Rewards Systems

As the curriculum requires small goals to be set across the year, implement a small rewards system that will give both you and your pupils something to strive towards, and feel proud of when achieved. Even something as little as a star or a sticker or a ‘Well Done’ stamp can have a great effect on confidence in children, and they will be more inclined to try harder when reaching the next goal.


Take Advice From Those who Have Come Before You


If there are any lesson plans kept from the previous years, look through them for inspiration. Remember that exciting and informative lessons are the key to engaging your pupils, whether early years or at Key Stage 2 level; make them fun!

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Top Tips for Writing a CV

When applying for a new teaching job, it is important to make a good first impression by dressing to suit the tone of the school you are applying to when attending any interviews. However most prospective employers will form an opinion of you based on how well you present your CV.

It can be easy to get overenthusiastic and want to list the extensive amount of experience you may have on your CV, but this can discourage prospective employers and they may not take you on due to you being ‘overqualified’. Some things to keep in mind when writing a CV are;


Layout is incredibly important with a CV; it needs to be straight, clear and to the point. Use a plain font that is easy to read, but does not stand out, and never put pictures on the front of a CV as it doesn’t add anything to your CV. It is also important to put your most recent experiences first, and to make sure that you double check your grammar and spelling.

Recent and Relevant

Choose only the most recent jobs that are relevant to the position you are applying for now. You may be tempted to list some of your most memorable experiences, but the most relevant ones are what the prospective employer is looking for; they want to see you tick boxes! If you’re applying for a Key Stage 2 teaching job then there’s no point focusing on all the time you might have spent as a nursery supply teacher. Expand on your relevant experiences too; what key skills did you take away from those jobs? How will you apply them in the future?

However you need to make sure there are no gaps on your CV, as this can look bad. Make a note of when you were seeking employment if there are any gaps in your CV.

charityVolunteer and Charity

Volunteer work always looks good on a CV, because it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to help someone out. As an extremely desirable quality in a teacher, showing recent examples of your volunteer work will help to impress your prospective employer, and give them a better idea of how you work.

You may need several different CV’s for different teaching positions. Don’t be afraid to create several CV’s as opposed to sticking to one ‘all purpose’ CV, as then you can dedicate more time to focusing on specific areas of each CV! You could be looking for a special educational needs teaching job but also be applying for roles at Key Stage 1 and your application for each job should be tailored accordingly.

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