Commonweal School Shoebox Appeal

Pupils at the Commonweal School in Old Town have already put their best foot forwards this year in filling almost 100 shoeboxes for the Christmas shoebox appeal. Over the last few weeks, pupils, teachers and teaching assistants have all been getting involved in packing shoeboxes, giving away items such as gloves, scarves, drawing and writing materials, soap and flannel and a range of other gifts for the less fortunate.10174342253_0441ca0df5_o

Seeing the Happiness They Create

The children have an opportunity to watch a short DVD of less fortunate children opening their boxes from previous years, showing the excitement and pure joy that comes of getting something seemingly so small and meaningless from those who care. While it is not very much for the pupils themselves to sacrifice, it makes a world of difference to those who might have not gotten anything at Christmas otherwise.

The Importance of Giving Back

When bringing children up on what is right, it is important to instil a strong sense of morals in them, so that they can bring joy to other people. By helping those in less fortunate situations than themselves, and by seeing the affect it can have on their lives, we show the immensely positive result of simply giving a little back at Christmas time. It is an important life lesson and one that has gone down very well with the children of the Commonweal school.