Send off for Astronaut Tim Peake at Chichester School

Renowned astronaut and ex-student of Chichester High School Tim Peake shared his live launch with pupils of the school late last year. Tim was known as an engaging and thoughtful student by both teachers and pupils during his time at the school and it was a great moment for all involved when the launch finally occurred.

Watching the Live Launch from School

Around 100 pupils in total managed to watch the launch, many of them jumping up and down with excitement.

To see a fellow student and alumnus of the school go on to achieve something fantastic is always a good source of inspiration for any generation, so it was a great opportunity for the kids to see exactly what they could be capable of.


Concerns that Mr Peake would not get Christmas presents from Space

Surprisingly enough, one of the major concerns raised when Tim Peake was visiting the Science Museum in London was whether or not he would receive presents from Father Christmas while in space. The question was posed to him by eight-year-old Rufus Knight, to which Tim responded “I think it is unlikely that my presents will be delivered by reindeer, but I’ll keep an eye out using the window”

Tim Peake began his stay on the 15th December 2015, where it will become his home for the next six months.