Bilingual Classes for Daycare Children

The Azbuka Foundation Nursery differs from all other London Nurseries in the simple fact that the nursery teachers cover classes in both English and Russian. The bilingual classes are quickly picked up and loved by the under-fives, making it a great way for them to learn two languages at once, which will benefit them in many ways later in life.

Make it a Staple, not a Chore

By integrating the two languages seamlessly together, it makes learning two languages at once seem like something natural and easy to do. When so much worth is placed upon learning a new language, yet not enough is done to teach languages from a young age, it can be hard to inspire children to pick up another language, be it Russian, Polish or even something like French or German. With under-fives learning Russian and English together as the norm, you get rid of the negative stigma associated with a ‘lesson’ about the language.

However, it Needs to be Reinforced

Globe_of_languageWhile bilingual day-cares are a step in the right direction, it is essential that this trend continues on to primary and even secondary education. Bilingual children have a way of breaking barriers, so to provide them with the materials to do so from a very young age and not continue that into primary and secondary school will be a real waste of talent.