The Importance of Employability

One major part of providing a good education for our children is so that they will grow up able to hold a steady, comfortable and enjoyable job that will allow them to live. As teachers, substitute teachers, teaching assistants and supply teachers, it is our job to provide them with that level of education. However in some instances, it seems as if more stress is placed on simply meeting criteria and passing exams than building an employable repertoire.

Employability Skills

tie-349439_960_720The Chambers of Commerce has suggested that more importance should be placed on teaching children about skills that make them employable from a younger age.

By instilling these kinds of skills in our pupils, we are helping them to set up good work ethics and a strong CV for when they apply for jobs in the future.

Careers Education

While some advice is given to secondary school children covering the type of career they might like to pursue, more should be done to assist children in getting eventual work. Suggestions have been made for children to visit local businesses as well as museums and art galleries in order to give pupils an idea of the working world.

It should serve to reason that teaching our kids how to maintain a good professional relationship along with a strong work ethic should be of a high priority.

Careers Day at Parklands Community School

Children attending Parklands Community Primary School in Ellesmere Port had the opportunity to meet a number of different professionals in order to discuss their individual career choices on Thursday the 2nd December. As a foray into the world of work, the children were visited by a range of local employers to give them a taste of what they are capable of and to perhaps inspire them to start looking at potential career choices.

The Importance of Discussing Employment Opportunities

downloadIt can be difficult to decide exactly what you want to do when you get older, so it is essential to instil a sense of importance in young children. They should grow up feeling as if they are capable of achieving great things if they work hard and stay in school. By having these guest speakers share their experiences with the children, it brings them down to a more ‘human’ level, allowing the kids to interact with them and even ask questions on the work required to get into that particular career path.

A Follow up Task

As with any school trip, activity or social visit, it is important to follow up with your class, so the children of Parklands were asked to find out more about what they might like to do in the future. Whether it is applying to be a Supply Teacher, joining the Royal Air Force or going into Veterinary Care, it is important for children to be aware of the work involved in following such a career path. The children were also asked to write and send thank you letters to all the visitors who took time out of their day to visit the school.