Breakfast – A Crucial Meal Not to be Skipped!

A recent study carried out by Cardiff University of 5,000 9-11 year-olds has shown a positive correlation between eating breakfast and academic performance. It was revealed that Primary School children who ate breakfast before or at the start of the school day were twice as likely to score highly in tests and assessments in comparison to those learning on an empty stomach at the start of the day.

The Most Important Meal

y breakfastIt comes as no surprise that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but this is the first time that a study has proved a correlation between eating breakfast and scoring highly in tests. By eating breakfast, these children managed to kick-start their days with more focus, better concentration and a higher eagerness to learn.

Not Just When You Eat

There have also been findings on the scores achieved by children eating healthy breakfasts, versus children who simply eat junk food or fast food for breakfast. Children eating a balanced meal for breakfast scored higher on tests than children who have eaten junk food, with there being no discernible difference in test scores between children who ate junk food breakfasts and children who didn’t eat breakfast at all. So in fact, it is not simply when you eat it, but what you choose to eat that is also important when it comes to learning.