Wayne Rooney Returns

W_Rooney-188x300Earlier in November, Wayne Rooney took a trip down memory lane by visiting his old primary school before his Euro 2016 qualifier against Slovenia.

The famous footballer paid a visit to Our Lady and St Swithin’s primary school in Liverpool for a special photo shoot, where he spoke to a captivated young audience about playing for Manchester United and England.

The Pupils of Our Lady and St Swithin’s primary wore replica England kits for the picture, where Rooney is seen grinning in the centre of kids in the main hall of his old primary. The school was well prepared for his visit with a replica World Cup on display and 99 lucky pupils took time out of class to talk to the star and ask him questions about his career.

The current Headteacher, Sandra Hamilton stated that she always talks to the children about Wayne Rooney, giving the young pupils hope that one day he might come back to the school for a visit. After all their waiting, the children finally saw that dream come true and Rooney even signed the replica shirts, giving them the perfect souvenir to take home.

It is always heart-warming to see a successful student return to a school after they have achieved their dreams. Redbox Teachers focuses on bringing teachers with a passion for bringing out the creativity and individuality in children, so why not submit your CV today for a fantastic teaching opportunity?

Helpful CV Advice

At Redbox Teachers we are always looking for talented teachers and teaching assistants to join our professional teaching team. With a wide range of different schools in need of teaching assistants, supply teachers and full time teachers throughout London and the surrounding areas, having good staff on hand is more important than ever.

When it comes to applying for a job you want, it is crucial to have a good, well written CV that provides all the necessary information in a clear way that is easy for the interviewer to read. A good CV will not span more than one page, although in some cases a two page CV is accepted. When writing a good CV try to remember these three R’s


How relevant is your experience? Depending on the job you are applying for you may have had positions in which you had similar responsibilities. Likewise if you were responsible for any clubs that are relevant to the position you are applying for (for example if you managed an IT club and are applying for the position of an IT teaching assistant), whether for a school or university, this is useful to mention on your CV.


How recent is your experience? Try to only document your latest achievements and employments. If there is an extended period of time in which you were not employed, you need to state a good reason for this.


In a teaching position we are looking for someone who speaks good English and has a good comprehension of English and Maths. Qualifications are a good thing to list although exact grades are not always required.

Below is an example CV template which we believe provides a good indication of what employers look for in a good teaching assistant or supply teacher. Remember to tailor your CV to the position you are applying for, as the experience you have gained may not always be relevant to the job application!





Mobile No.


Personal Statement

(Write in first person and keep it short and sweet. Try not to use generic words so that you stand out from other people)


(Put your education from most recent to previous, and include the name of your school, qualification and result) E.g.

University of London

(2011 – 2014)

BA Education – 2:1

Professional Work History

(Put your most recent position to your previous; include the name of the organization, the dates you were there and your job title. Put a few bullet points explaining your role and how vital you were to the organization. AWLAYS USE PAST TENSES) E.g.

Primary School

(Sept 2013 – Dec 2013)

Teaching Assistant

  • Assisted the teacher to reach the objectives of the lesson
  • Prepared and guided children when doing activities


Voluntary Work

(Voluntary work will make you stand out so if you have done it then make sure you put it on your CV)

Additional Skills/Interests

(Include skills such as IT, software packages, teamwork, creativity etc)


(You will need two employer references from your most recent positions)

Top Tips for Writing a CV

When applying for a new teaching job, it is important to make a good first impression by dressing to suit the tone of the school you are applying to when attending any interviews. However most prospective employers will form an opinion of you based on how well you present your CV.

It can be easy to get overenthusiastic and want to list the extensive amount of experience you may have on your CV, but this can discourage prospective employers and they may not take you on due to you being ‘overqualified’. Some things to keep in mind when writing a CV are;


Layout is incredibly important with a CV; it needs to be straight, clear and to the point. Use a plain font that is easy to read, but does not stand out, and never put pictures on the front of a CV as it doesn’t add anything to your CV. It is also important to put your most recent experiences first, and to make sure that you double check your grammar and spelling.

Recent and Relevant

Choose only the most recent jobs that are relevant to the position you are applying for now. You may be tempted to list some of your most memorable experiences, but the most relevant ones are what the prospective employer is looking for; they want to see you tick boxes! If you’re applying for a Key Stage 2 teaching job then there’s no point focusing on all the time you might have spent as a nursery supply teacher. Expand on your relevant experiences too; what key skills did you take away from those jobs? How will you apply them in the future?

However you need to make sure there are no gaps on your CV, as this can look bad. Make a note of when you were seeking employment if there are any gaps in your CV.

charityVolunteer and Charity

Volunteer work always looks good on a CV, because it shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to help someone out. As an extremely desirable quality in a teacher, showing recent examples of your volunteer work will help to impress your prospective employer, and give them a better idea of how you work.

You may need several different CV’s for different teaching positions. Don’t be afraid to create several CV’s as opposed to sticking to one ‘all purpose’ CV, as then you can dedicate more time to focusing on specific areas of each CV! You could be looking for a special educational needs teaching job but also be applying for roles at Key Stage 1 and your application for each job should be tailored accordingly.

To submit your CV to our database, simply click the Submit Your CV link and follow the instructions found on that page.